Smart Microgrid optimised Inverter: 

The microgrid optimised inverter is a compo of a Dual Active Bridge and a bidirectional inverter. They share a common DC bus onto which the High Voltage Panel Level Converters also couple forming a high voltage bus which can also link with other external DC Systems. This builds up into a microgrid or a cluster of these grids.  

The inverter couples the AC and the DC grids operating as a dual pot system capable of AC and DC grid forming. This versatility enables the use of the inverter in the legacy AC grid. Since it has remote controllability and grid support capabilities, this can be used to upgrade the existing legacy grid to a smart grid.  

The other end of the DAB connects to a battery with voltage range 36V to 60V with a nominal of 48V. The converter is battery chemistry agnostic. The system automatically adapts to the charging and discharging profiles of the battery chemistry. The DAB can couple with the inverter in rectifier mode to deliver power to the DC grid. Multiple inverters can be connected to the DC-AC buses to deliver power to any connected loads, DC, or AC.