About Us

The Company 

GreenGrid Energy Systems Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based renewable energy company. We are a team of enthusiastic power electronics engineers with considerable experience in solar photovoltaics Balance of Systems engineering design and testing. We believe everyone in the world has a role to play in climate change mitigation. With this in mind, we strive to make solar power accessible to all through the provision of high quality but affordable installation components. We have achieved this by simplifying and reducing the number of converters from the solar panel to the home loads. Thereby increasing efficiency and affordability. By championing DC instead of AC, we are harnessing the natural generation process of solar power, which is DC. Household loads can be powered directly from our High Voltage Module Level Power Converters. We have a START SMALL policy. Two or three solar panels are enough to start our inverters as they run parallel to each other instead of 5 or more series connected, as in conventional string inverters. Interesting installation topologies can be realised with our components compared with what is currently available on the market. 

The Markets 

We believe any roofing space can and should be utilised for solar power generation. Our DC system has a simplistic installation procedure which can make this possible. This allows us to have a global reach, especially in those areas that had little or no electricity in the first place. That way, the developing world is leapfrogged into modern energy systems like solar, thereby avoiding the highly polluting fossil fuels. 

The local Australian market: 

A variety of microgrids, embedded networks and grid extension topologies can be constructed from our coupled AC-DC components. Applications on university campuses, military microgrids and remote communities are possible. Design and implementation of these systems is super easy: no need for complicated inverter-panel sizing calculations. This saves time and money. 

Developing countries:  

Cost-effective but robust equipment is a necessity in such communities. The installation process does not need high expertise cutting on workforce costs. As much space as available can be used for solar panel installation. Coupled with the low cost of equipment, this gives rise to the concept of consumer and prosumer energy sharing. This energy sharing can happen within the microgrid or with the main grid. This will result in more people participating in power generation, reducing the need for fossil fuel generators, resulting in a cleaner environment.